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The Star Trek glory shelf

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Star Trek glory shelf

I’m relaxing with Diane on a Tuesday evening, working on putting the wraps on a nasty cold that kept me home from work yesterday. I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to do my taxes before the summer comes this year. It’s six-to-five and pick ’em as to whether it’ll happen or not.

I’ve been relatively worthless with blogging and booking. If you feel like guest-blogging or booking some shows for me, feel free.

Diane and I went down to see the Cowboy Dave Band at Longhorns last Thursday. Cowboy Dave used to front FortyTwenty, and now has a very traditional-yet-edgy western country band. We had a blast, and will look forward to the next opportunity we get to see them.

G and I are playing a show in McPherson on Friday at Z’s Club. Stop by if you’re in the area.

Tonight I became super fan of a guy named Cory Branan. Check out his performance of Miss Ferguson from Letterman.  Here are the words or you can download the whole song for free from last.fm.

Diane and I finished our bookshelf. It’s only crooked if you look at it with a tape measure. I think our next project will be a couple of matching nightstands. I’m going to build mine with a cup holder….maybe two.

  • Interesting post. I’m new-ish to this blog, but have like what I’ve read!