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It’s a boy!

| Posted on in life

Diane and I are announcing today that we’re expecting our first child. Our son is due in early September and we couldn’t be more excited. He’ll be the first grandchild on my side of the family and the first male grandchild on Diane’s side.

Last December, I made a blog post about how we had found a place to live in Pratt. A few days later, I wrote a follow-up describing a last-minute change of plans. Without going into the details, this change was due to learning of the pregnancy and needing Diane to keep her job and it’s benefits. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a better health care system in this country?

We had our first sonogram on Wednesday, and and we’ll soon have pictures posted.

Since the wedding is over, we’ll likely reformat Diane’s site at dianetraffas.com to accommodate and chronicle her adventures in being a mother.

Happy April!

  • Liz Drake

    Congratulations !!! Sons are a wonderful experience.

  • Thanks, Liz!

  • Jessica Goering

    Congrats Aaron and Diane!!! That is awesome.

  • Thanks, Jessica! Hope everything is great in your world, too!

  • Best country around, that’s for sure :) Happy April 1st!

  • Revrocks3

    Rex and I are going to be grandparents of a baby boy in June so congrats

  • Thanks, Trendy…congrats to you, too!

  • Jessica Goering

    I have to tell you that when you played with Chris and Anthony at Buster’s last time (was it Thanksgiving?!) I told Gabe that I thought Diane could be pregnant because she wasn’t drinking and had “the glow”…not sure if she was actually pregnant yet then or not. You will both be wonderful parents!!!